Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria


Academic Qualification Opportunities

University Bachelor  & Master Degrees

Opportunities exist for graduates / members of the Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria for top-up with B.A, B.Sc/Masters Degree Programmes of the following Universities.

Sainte Felicite University, Cotonou

Bachelor and Master Degree in Management, Accountancy, Information Management, International Studies, Public Administration, Local Government Administration and Information Management

America Century University New Mexico, U.S.A.

programmes:- (B.Sc., M.Sc, MPA, P.hD)

University of Bedfordshire UK

Offers you a foundation route which will prepare you with the skills you need to continue on to your degree course. Also, M.Sc International Business

Tansian University, Umunya

Programmes: B.A, B.Sc in Business Administration, Accountancy, Marketing Economics and Statistics, Public Administration, International Relations

University of Ibadan

Programme: Post Graduate Diploma, Advance Diploma, Ordinary Diploma. Read More

Graduates of the Institute’s Ordinary Diploma, Advanced or Post-graduate Diploma are advised to contact the National Secretariat on how to get admitted to any of these aforementioned Universities Degree programmes .