Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria


Diploma and Advanced Diploma Examination Timetable

DAYSLEVEL9  -  11:3012:00  -  2:30pm3:30  -  6:00pm
  THURSDAYDiploma 1 Business AccountingBusiness Economics
Diploma 2 PurchasingResearch Methodology
Diploma 3 Business FinanceRisk and Insurance
Advanced Diploma I Public FinanceSystem and Information Technology
Adv II  Public Option Government AccountingPublic Policy
Adv II  Marketing  Option Marketing Management & CasesMarketing Communication
FRIDAYDiploma 1 Business StatisticsEnglish and Communication Skills
Diploma 2 Management Principles and PracticeEnglish and Communication Skills
Diploma 3 Marketing PracticeAdministrative Communication
Advanced Diploma I Small Scale Business ManagementResearch Methodology
Adv II  Public Option Human Resource ManagementPublic Health Administration
Adv II  Marketing  Option Marketing ResearchProduct Development and Management
SATURDAYDiploma 1 Business Organization ProcessBusiness and Labour Law
Diploma 2 Public RelationsOffice System and Act Management
Diploma 3 Personnel Admin. And Industrial RelationsMeetings and Corporate Law
Advanced Diploma IOrganizational Behv. StudiesMeeting and Corporate LawManaging People and Training
Adv II  Public Option Local Government Admin. And FinanceCorporate and Community Development
Adv II  Marketing  Option Consumer BehaviourIndustrial and Service Marketing

Post Graduate Diploma Examination Timetable

DAYS LEVEL9  -  11:3012:00  -  2:30pm3:30  -  6:00pm
THURSDAYPGD 1 Financial Reporting FundamentalManaging Processes
PGD 2 managing Financial ResourcesManagement Consultancy
FRIDAYPGD 1 Management Principles and PracticeAdmin. Communication & Report Writing
PGD 2 Purchasing and Supply Chain Mgt.Managing Facilities
SATURDAYPGD 1Project and Contract  MgtMeeting and Corporate LawPublic  Administration
PGD 2Pension ManagementHuman Resource ManagementEntreprenuerial Development
SUNDAYPGD 1 Managing InformationManaging  Market
PGD 2 Trust AdministrationManagement Case Study

Accelerated Graduate/NYSC Membership Examination Timetable

DAYS LEVEL9  -  11:3012:00  -  2:30pm3:30  -  6:00pm
THURSDAYManagement  Management Consultancy
Non - management 1 Financial Reporting  
Non - management 2  Management Consultancy
FRIDAYManagement  Managing Facilities
Non - management 1 Management Principles and PracticeOffice Administration & Technology
Non - management 2  Managing Facilities
SATURDAYManagementPension ManagementLaw of Meeting and Admin. CommunicationEntreprenuerial Development
Non - management 1Managing PeopleLaw of Meeting and Admin. Communication 
Non - management 2Pension Management Entreprenuerial Development
SUNDAYManagement Management Case StudyAdministrative Practice
Non - management 1  Administrative Practice
Non - management 2 Management Case Study 

Professional Membership Qualifying Examination Timetable

DAYSPME LEVEL9  -  11:3012:00  -  2:30pm3:30  -  6:00pm
THURSDAYPart 1 Financial Reporting 
Part 2 Public FinanceSystem and Inform. Tech.
Part 3 Managing Financial ResourcesManaging Processes
Part 4  Management Consultancy
Part 5Public Option Govt. AccountingPublic Policy
Marketing Option Marketing Management & CasesMarketing Communication
         FRIDAYPart 1 Management Principle & PracticeAdmin. Communication & Report Writing
Part 2  Office Administration & Technology
Part 3 Purchasing & Supply Chain MgtManaging Facilities
Part 5Public Option Human Resources ManagementPublic Health Administration
Marketing Option Marketing ResearchProduct Development & Management
SATURDAYPart 1 Business and Labour LawPublic Administration Practice
Part 2Organisational Behv. StudiesMeetings and Corporate LawManaging People & Training
Part 3Project and Contract Management Labour Law & Industrial Relations
Part 4Pension ManagementHuman Resource AdministrationEntrepreneurial Development
Part 5Public Option Local Govt. Admin & FinanceCo - operative & Community Development
Marketing Option Consumer BehavioursIndustrial & Service Marketing
SUNDAYPart 1 Managing Information 
Part 4 Trust AdministrationManagement Case study