Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria



Membership is either by examination or direct election upon meeting some stipulated criteria. Thus, whatever channel, every potential member must show sufficient evidence of practical experience to be qualify for election into any of the four categories of membership: Graduate-Member (G.inst.AM), Associate (A.inst.AM), Full-Member (M.inst.AM) and Fellow (F.inst.AM).



This membership grade is the entrance point for candidates who have completed the Institute's Professional Examination but do not have pre-requisite working relevant professional experiences to be elected to the Associate membership level.


Election as an Associate Member of the Institute, requires an applicant to be a Graduate of the Institute or a holder of HND, B.Sc or the Institute's graduate. The applicant must be at least 21 years of age and must have had not less than ten (10) years post graduate professional working experience.


To be considered as a full-member of the Institute, an applicant must be a graduate of the Institute or holder of Master degree. He/she must have had not less than fifteen (15) years relevant working experience, six of which must be of a Senior Administrative position.


This is the highest grade of membership. It is required that an applicant to this membership grade should have passed through the two preceding membership grade levels. The applicant must be at least thirty-five (35) years of age and must have had not less than twenty years relevant professional working experience, of which twenty-five (25) years must be in Senior Administrative position in a reputable private or public establishment.


However, the requirement aforementioned for admission to membership (i.e. Graduate-Member, Associate, Full-Member or Fellow) notwithstanding, the Board of Governor may using her discretion, award any of these membership grades to a suitable applicant who has shown a high sense of credibility coupled with evidence of high level of proficiency in administrative and/or entrepreneurial skills.


Direct election policy of the Institute not withstanding, prospective member is required to attend at least one of the Institute's membership induction events which are as follows.

Direct Membership

View And Download   Direct Membership Registration Form

• Executive Interactive Forum 
• National Administrative Managers Conference 
• Managers Certification Programme

 Executive Interactive Forum

Objectives: This is to have a forum for practitioners in Administrative Management, who are or are not members of the Institute, to deliberate on  national economic/ social issues that have direct or remote impact on the practice of Administrative Management profession. Interactions of opinions/papers amongst participants is to have robust discussions enough to come up with actionable communiqué.

The methodology of the forum is by presentation of lead-papers by expert(s) which other participants react to, or make contributions to, in an orderly and interactive environment. It is expected that in the future a defined annual time table will be drawn, in the mean time, the frequency of the forum depends on the exigencies of the time.

 National Administrative Managers' Conference

This is a Conference of members of the Institue and practicing Administrative Managers, in either public and private sectors. The Conference themes are deliberately on matters socio-economic benefit to members and the society and the enhancement of practice of Administrative management in Nigeria. The annual Conference high point is a communiquéat its end..

 Managers' Certification Programme

This is an abridged professional membership qualifying programme for individuals who have met the educational requirements (B.Sc., B.A. M.Sc. and their equivalents) for membership and have worked in such job positions for reasonably sufficient years to have enabled them acquire extensive skills and capacities in the practice of Administrative Management and its allied fields. Its objective is to provide examination waivers for academically qualified persons from the Institute's regular professional membership examination. This programme comes up at regular intervals within a year, it is taken at least in each of the six geographical regions in Nigeria. For details on any of the aforementioned programmes, contact the National Secretariat of the Institute or any of the State Offices or log on to the Institute's website



Closing Gaps between School and Work

The programme curriculum is design to help school leavers compliment knowledge acquired in school with hand on the job skills. Therefore, graduates of this course are to be work ready on their first day at work, suffice to say that, skills the training curriculum provides the makes them preferences during job selection exercises.

This is a membership network enhancement programme which the institute plans to terminate as soon as certain tactical objectives are achieved. 

The programme is designed to introduce the tenets of professional Administrative Management to young Nigerian graduates, as the desirability of Administrative skills cuts across every field of endeavour, be it Medicine, Physical Science, Art etc. Successful candidate is first admitted to Graduate Membership status, from where they are be upgraded to higher membership grade of Associate after he or she has gained Administrative work experiences for a minimum of two years.