Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria


The Institute in line with its mandate to promote the practice of Administrative Management, it registers eligible persons who meet requirements for registration. The register of members as at year 2018 stands five thousand professional members and two thousand student members.

The Institute maintains register for five (5) categories of members. These are  Fellows (f.inst.AM, Full Members (F.inst.AM), Associates(A.inst.AM), Graduate Members  (G.inst.AM)and Student Members.

A person may be register either through the Institute Professional membership examination or by direct elections. The direct membership criteria are as follows:


GENERAL:- Except by special award by the Governing board, admission to Membership shall be by passing the prescribe professional examination of the Institute.

Acronym for each of the Membership levels (Fellow, Full-Member and Associate) are: f.inst.AM, M.inst.AM and A.inst.AM respectively.


 FELLOW (F.inst.AM)

This is the highest grade of membership, it is required that an applicant to this category should have passed through the two preceding membership levels. A prospecting of the Institute must be at least fourty-five years of age and must have had not less than twenty-five (25) years relevant professional working experience of which ten (10) years must be in a Senior Administrative position in a reputable private or public establishment.


To be considered as a full-member of the Institute, an applicant must have had not less than fifteen (15) years relevant working experience, six of which must be of a Senior Administrative position.


For election as an Associate Member of the Institute, an applicant must have passed the Institute’s professional membership qualifying examination and be at least twenty-five (25) years of age and must not have had less than ten years post graduate professional working experience.

 Graduate Members (G.inst.AM)

Candidates who have successfully completed the Institute professional membership examination but do not satisfy work experience requirements are registered as graduate members pending when they fulfill the requirements.

 NOTE: Regular attendance of the Institute’s professional capacity development trainings and other obligations may fast track elevation of a member to higher level